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Unusual guided tours of the city

Unusual guided tours of the city

From the Night Watchman's Tour to a Tour of Filming Locations: these Munich tours are simply something different.

Bars and restaurants in Munichs museums
Introducing the bars, cafés and restaurants in Munich's museums.
Lenbachhaus Opening
We've finally got there: after a four year-long conversion, the people of Munich can finally…
Munich from a different view
From the infinite staircase to the enchanted garden: here’s a list of insider tips for…
The Eisbach surfer phenomenon
For more than 30 years, the city surfers have been riding the Eisbach wave.
Oktoberfest The best parties
Even after the last beer was drawn at Oktoberfest, the party doesn’t stop.
The exciting history of lederhosen
Oktoberfest without lederhosen: hardly imaginable. But how come they found their way to the Bavarian…
The most beautiful swimming lakes in and around Munich
Beat the heat with a dip in the most beautiful swimming lakes in and around…
Cocktails in the clouds
The best rooftop bars in Munich to sip a cocktail, have a chat or simply…
The history of Oktoberfest
How Munich's Oktoberfest became the largest festival in the world.
Oktoberfest Dirndl dress the bow
The side on which the Dirndl apron is tied indicates the marital status of women.
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