Oktoberfest 2017: Accommodation


Oktoberfest 2017: Accommodation

Oktoberfest 2017: Accommodation

Tent beds, camping, or a cozy couch? Cheap accommodation for Oktoberfest 2017.


Oktoberfest 2017: Places to stay for those who would like to save money


The Tent München is a summer hostel which offers sleeping accommodation for a very low price. Visitors can spend the night, for example, in the so-called ground tent which consists of a mattress, a blanket and a floor spot in the large communal tent. If that is too rudimentary, you can choose between the bunk bed, a group tent (up to 15 people), or your own tent.


Prices for Oktoberfest 2017: between 15 euros (floor spot) and 25 euros (bed tent) per night

Address: The Tent München, In den Kirschen 30, 80992 Munich

Travel to Oktoberfest by public transport: 25 minutes

Information and booking: http://www.the-tent.com


Oktoberfest 2017: Places to stay for those who like camping sites

 The camping site München-Thalkirchen is the most favorite among Oktoberfest visitors. This is partly due to the phenomenal location right on Isar river and only a short walk away from the open air bath Maria Einsiedel. On the other hand, nothing can beat the travel to Oktoberfest by public transport – taking the subway you'll be right outside the Oktoberfest tents just in 10 minutes! The only downside to this dream place: reservations are not possible. So, arriving in time is definitely a must!


Prices for Oktoberfest 2017: 1 adult with tent: 12.60 euros per night

Address: Camp München-Thalkirchen, Zentralländstraße 49, 81379 Munich

Travel to Oktoberfest by public transport: 10 minutes

Information: http://www.muenchen.de/


Oktoberfest 2017: Places to stay for those who like caravan camps


With an area of 150,000 square meters and parking places up to 1,500 campers, the Oktoberfest camp in Munich-Riem is Munich's largest campground. From mobile homes, the VW bus to classic caravans – everything that drives on four wheels is welcome here. In addition to well-maintained sanitation facilities, there are also shopping places. And, those in search of some proper Bavarian dishes, will find culinary happiness in the camp restaurant.


Prices for Oktoberfest 2017: Place for motorhome, caravan, tent, vehicle including two people: 35 euros per night. Each additional person: 15 euros.

Address: Oktoberfest-Camping, De-Gasperi-Bogen, 81829 Munich

Travel to Oktoberfest by public transport: 20 minutes

Information and booking: http://www.oktoberfest-camping.com


Oktoberfest 2017: Places to stay for those who like adventures


Many Munich locals offer their couch as a free sleeping option. The great advantage: you are not only saving money, you can also relax and be the guest who enjoys absolute insider tips about the Oktoberfest 2017. And who knows, from what started as an Oktoberfest contact, could easily end in lifelong friendship. 

Information and inquiries on: https://www.couchsurfing.org



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