EPOCA: Compendium


EPOCA: Compendium

EPOCA: Compendium

Enjoy an overview over almost 1000 years of Munich’s history!


In the 12th century, highly-developed civilizations could be be found in many areas all over Europe. At the banks of the Isar river, south of the famous convent of Freising however, there wasn’t much to see…


But within a few generations, exactly this area became a major centre of trade, residence of the powerful dynasty of the Wittelsbachs, capital of a kingdom and even residence of the Roman emperor: in 1156, in the middle of the desert, a town was founded and called Munich, named after a few monchs that had settled here earlier.


The rise of the metropolis of Munich goes along with the dramatic vitae of a number of enigmatic personalities driving it’s evolution. We follow their lifelines, staggered by the furious characters of the middle ages, fascinated by the spirits of the renaissance, dazzled by the glamour of the era of baroque – and the excessive characters of absolutism. Munich has now become the capital of an strategic-political power of Europe.


The cultural influence on Bavaria was multi-faceted, so were the strategies of politics. Munich continuously changed its face, always based on the comforts of passed eras. 


Nowadays Munich’s silhouette and the relicts of the characters who shaped it, still provide an lively insight of 1000 years of history. What happened behind facades of the city? What kind of personalities built what is now Munich? Which where the main influences on the historic evolvment of the city? And what is it, that the world-famous Bavarian lifestyle is really based on?


Enjoy an overview over almost 1000 years of Munich’s history: exciting, enlightening, amusing.


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