Pizzerias in Munich


Pizzerias in Munich

Pizzerien in München

An overview of the most popular and prettiest pizzerias in the city


Evan after 50 years, when the first southern Italian guest workers arrived in the German economic miracle economy and opened their pizzerias, the victory march of the pizza continues. In recent years new, hip pizza lounges have replaced the simple post-war pizzerias. We introduce Munich's most popular and prettiest pizzerias.


L'Osteria Pizza e Pasta


It hardly seems possible. The legendary artists' house, one of the most beautiful buildings in the historicist style with the legendary Venetian room, stumbled for many decades from being a Mövenpick restaurant to a wine bar to a vegan restaurant. But since the Germany-wide chain L'Osteria Pizza e Pasta moved in, the artists' house is once again booming and is always full to the rafters. This is due on the one hand to the tasteful but smart interior design and of course also to the eternal customer magnet, the pizza. L'Osteria is famous for its XXL pizza sizes. If you can't manage a whole pizza, you can take the rest home in a carton. By the way, like most such chains, like Vapiano, German chefs are behind L'Osteria. L'Osteria is also present in Munich at Gasteig and in Leopoldstraße, although these are less spectacular locations.


Address: L'Osteria Munich im Künstlerhaus, Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 Munich / Opening times: 11:00-00:00 / online: http://www.losteria.de




This trattoria is quite inconspicuous on the ground floor of the Pharaoh Building. The interior design is very stylish, bright and friendly, with many pictures on the walls. On warm days you can sit beneath olive trees on the secluded terrace at tables with classic Italian red-and-white checked tablecloths. The jolly waiter ensures an easygoing atmosphere. Of special note are the fish dishes and the crispy pizzas from the Neapolitan stone oven. Dolce tip: you should definitely try the peach tiramisu! Special gift idea: Caruso offers cooking courses once a month.


Address: Fritz-Meyer-Weg 55, 81925 Munich / online: www.ristorante-caruso.de/ Opening times: Mo/Tue/Th/Fr/Sa/Su 11.30-15/18-24




Restaurant XII Apostel


Just over a year ago XII Apostel opened in Munich/Lehel. The restaurant chain originally comes from Cologne. The concept was so successful there that it was extended to a number of branches. XII Apostel sees itself above all as a high-quality restaurant and not as a simple pizzeria. The menu offers not only pizza, but also antipasti, pasta, fish and meat dishes, in other words the whole spectrum of Italian cuisine. The pizzas are baked traditionally in stone ovens, are quite large, very thin and crispy. The interior is a little pompous, based on historical models. The room is splendid with high mirrors, long red satin curtains, marble floors from Verona and ceiling frescoes.


Address: XII Apostel, Thierschplatz 6, 80538 Munich / Opening times: 11:00 to 01:00 / online: http://www.xii-apostel.com





La Trattoria


La Trattoria is hidden away in a new glass office building at Stiglmaierplatz. The rooms are high and flooded with light. The concept is simple and disarming: giant pizzas with a diameter of 40 cm, pasta classics, salads and antipasti. And all for very little money – in all, around 10.50 Euro is sufficient. The pizzas are created fully automatically to an identical size and are richly topped. A DJ plays in the evenings and at weekends to create a lounge atmosphere with a party sound for dancing. The objective of La Trattoria: to become just as successful as L'Osteria.


Address: La Trattoria, Nymphenburgerstraße 3 / Opening times: Mo - Th and Su & holidays 11.00 - 23.00, Fr 11.00 - 01.00, Sa 18.00 - 01.00 / online: http://www.latrattoria-muenchen.de





Nero Pizza & Grill


Pizzeria Nero is located between Gärtnerplatz and Viktualienmarkt. It calls itself a pizza lounge. However, the lounge furniture has disappeared by now. One sits on long, smart benches or at small, intimate tables. The ceiling is five or six metres high, which makes the room very generous and lofty. The interior design can be deemed smart and perhaps even a bit retro. There are small tables on the gallery above, which are somewhat more intimate. The pizzas are plate-sized and prices start at ca. 9 Euro. The pizza base is nice and crunchy. It is kneaded thinly by hand by the pizza chefs. The second speciality of the pizzeria: steaks from dry aged meat, prices from ca. 25 Euro.


Address: Nero, Rumfordstraße 34 / Opening times12:00 to 01:00 / online: http://www.nero-muenchen.de


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